O2 & CO2 Analyzer Set


Slim Lab: A VO2 Measurement System for Resting Energy Expenditure Measurements (REE - BMR)


A recording spirometer for teaching spirometry and pulmonary function

The spirometer directly records basal minute ventilation or maximum breathing capacity. The ventilation equivalent for oxygen can be calculated directly from the spirogram slope lines for ventilation and oxygen.

  • Electro-chemical fuel cell O2 sensor and infra-red CO2 sensor.
    (Gold Edition uses paramagnetic O2 sensor)
  • Barometric pressure compensated gas sensors
  • Flow Sensor: Permanently calibrated turbine. Accuracy: +/- 2%.
  • 16-bit A:D converter
  • Nafion permanent gas dryer
  • Built-in mixing chamber
  • Built-in software interfaced temperature, barometric pressure and humidity sensors
  • USB Plug-and-Play PC interface
  • External Inputs:
    ECG/Heartrate digital and analog
    Heart Rate interface imports heart rate from any Polar watch (optional)
    RS232 ports for treadmill and/or ergometer control 


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