Larson Davis

Sound Level Meters

The Model 831 is Larson Davis’ most recent sound level meter platform. Advances in technology provide up to 2GB of internal memory, with superior performance and a reliable design. Various firmware modules expand the functionality of Model 831 for a variety of Environmental Noise and Architectural Acoustics measurements.


Noise Dosimeters


Spark - The Spark series are the perfect choice for personal noise exposure sampling in the workplace. Weighing only 7 ounces, they are intrinsically safe data logging dosimeters

There are seven Spark models available with a full range of capabilities. Choose from basic dataloggers with no display, display-only units, or take advantage of the power of I2CU* with multiple unit Combo-paks!



Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems


The Larson Davis NoiseTutor is an integrated solution, ideally suited to address the challenges of remote noise monitoring in an efficient and cost effective package.


Human Vibration

The Human Vibration Monitor 100 is a hand-held instrument for measuring human exposure to vibration, performing relevant calculations and providing overall metrics on its LCD display. Detailed vibration levels are easily stored in its built-in data logger, which can hold up to 100 separate time-history test files including all required metrics. This information can then be downloaded to a PC for analysis and archiving.



Audiometer Calibration System

Larson Davis audiometer calibration systems combine the speed and power of the System 824 real time analyzer with the sophisticated, yet user-friendly, AUDit™ software. Standard audiometer specification tests can be performed manually or under computer control with greater ease than with any other system.



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