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This instrument was developed for protecting persons and properties that may be subject to strong winds. It displays the wind speed with 4 programmable warning thresholds (2 max and 2 min).


A Clever First Step into Meteorology ! Wind speed and temperature meter, including a calculation mode of the wind-chill factor (temperature felt when the wind is blowing). Used by fire fighters, farmers, scientists, etc.


The SKYWATCH ATMOS is designed specifically for the agricultural and scientific markets. Wind speed, temperature, and relative humidity are measured. Windchill and dewpoint are calculated on the ATMOS. This unit is by far the best device for measuring windspeed, temperature.


SKYWATCH® AERO is a meteorological station developped for studies of the atmospheric conditions of a site.


This competitively priced instrument (flowmeter - thermometer) has been developed for use under challenging circumstances. Because of its different impellers, you can use it to measure amost any liquid or gaseous medium.

This easy-to-use, reliable and very precise porosimeter was developed and manufactured by JDC ELECTRONIC SA, following a high demand from the free flight lovers, mainly for security. Very quickly this instrument became the reference in matter of porosity measurement and is now used and appreciated world wide.


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