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Critical Environmental Technologies
YESAIR 8-Channel IAQ Monitor 8 sensor capacity >30 plug & play sensor choices Data logging to SD flash card YES IMS 10-Channel IAQ Monitor 10 sensor capacity Wide range of sensors available to choose from, including electrochemical, semi-conductor, infrared & PID Light weight desktop or wall mount
YES Plus LGA is a multi-gas air quality monitoring and information recording instrument that simultaneously measures and records up to fifteen sensors. With more than 30 different plug and play sensors to select from, users can accurately monitor more within a single, easy to carry instrument.
YESDUST is a general purpose, low-cost, hand-held, battery powered particulate sensor designed to be used in conjunction with the YESAIR or YES Plus LGA IAQ monitor. It operates from it’s own internal rechargeable nickel hydride batteries and connects to the auxiliary port of the YESAIR or YES Plus LGAwith the supplied interface cable. The measured readings are displayed as another sensor on the LCD display of the YESAIRor YES Plus LGA.
YES IMS is a self-contained, indoor air quality (IAQ) “Intelligent Monitoring System” with ten channel sensor capacity including relative humidity (RH) sensor, temperature sensor, up to seven additional gas sensors, and a remote gas sensor.


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